The International Education Access Foundation provides scholarships to underprivileged Brazilian students who wish to participate in English+, a program designed to open the world of schooling in English to students of limited financial means, in order to prepare these students to attend university in the U.S. if they so desire or simply to improve their career prospects in Brazil by strengthening their command of math and English.

The International Education Access Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible in the Unites States


English+ is a scalable and highly interactive online program that offers English and math courses with live instruction in English before or after school to the many Brazilians who study only part-time (meio período) in middle school and high school. These courses follow the U.S. Common Core curriculum and are designed to help students prepare for American college-entrance exams, develop the knowledge and work habits suitable for introductory-level college coursework, or simply perform at a higher level in the world of work in Brazil.

For those who desire to study abroad, English+ guides underprivileged Brazilian students to U.S. colleges appropriate for their work ethic and level of academic and linguistic proficiency as determined by their engagement and performance in English+ courses. In addition, the program helps pair socioeconomically disadvantaged students with colleges offering financial assistance and with corporate and individual funders though Access Capital in cases in which students require resources beyond the assistance offered by the American institutions to which they are admitted.


If they meet the personal and academic criteria for admission, English+ students can receive up to 100% financial aid from these U.S. colleges:



























The following companies, governments, schools, foundations, and organizations generously provide funding and other forms of assistance to support English+ students and graduates:

These companies also provide internships for English+ alumni during college:

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